SolarPVExchange launches pilot instalment plan for solar PV system purchases

Press Release:

29 September 2017, Singapore – Amid growing demand for renewable energy in Singapore,SolarPVExchange, a subsidiary of Singapore’s leading clean energy provider Sunseap Group,said it will be launching a pilot hire purchase scheme for consumers and companies wishing to install solar panels at their premises.

Under the scheme which goes on trial in October, SolarPVExchange’s clients can pay for the solar panels and installations by regular instalments of up to five years. The scheme is available for the first 20 landed residential and commercial clients with a sizeable roof space who are not SolarPVExchange’s existing customers.

For landed property owners, a typical solar PV system costs $50,000 to $150,000 to purchase and install depending on the size of the solar PV system and the condition of the installation site. For commercial premises, it costs an average of $300,000 to $1.5 million, depending on the size of the solar PV system and condition of the installation site.
The solar panels come with a 20-to- 25 year-warranty. Maintenance costs are minimal.
Mr Rob Khoo, SolarPVExchange’s Managing Director, said: “This instalment plan was designed in response to customers’ demand. Lately, we have received a growing number of requests from both individuals and SMEs planning to go green but preferring not to pay a large lump sum
“We are encouraged by the growing interest in renewable energy and the many homeowners and corporates eager to play their part in protecting the environment. The fact that solar energy no longer costs more than conventional energy has made the decision to switch easier and we
hope to get the message across to many more people.”
The average savings on electricity bills from switching to solar energy is about 20-30%, depending on the usage habits of the owners and size of the solar PV system.
SolarPVExchange said it welcomes all interested parties to email their contact details, layout of their premises’ rooftop and last six months’ energy bills to
Developers and owners of sustainable or energy efficient projects can also contact the company if they require financing for their projects.
About SolarPVExchange
SolarPVExchange is Asia-Pacific’s largest solar marketplace and also the first ever online marketplace in Asia-Pacific that revolutionises the solar PV marketplace with their matchmaking and investment platforms by bringing together the initiators (owners), installers (solar PVinstallers) and investors. The intuitive online platform enables everyone to interact with the whole spectrum of solar market participants, satisfying solar customer’s needs by standardising and simplifying the current solar PV installation and financing process.

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